Family Law is an extremely specialised area of legal practice. We at HD Keane Solicitors LLP are experts in the field. Nicholas Walsh, Partner holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Family Law and has been advising clients in the area for 20 years. 

Our office provides practical, efficient and constructive legal advice at a very difficult time in your life. We ensure that our clients have adequate protection in the core areas of Family Law Proceedings which involve:

  1. Maintenance of children;
  2. Spousal maintenance;
  3. Guardianship, custody and access;
  4. Property provision;
  5. Pension Adjustment Order;
  6. Ancillary Orders.

Due to the expert legal advice provided by HD Keane Solicitors LLP, over 90% of cases reach a compromise whereby the parties can sign Terms of Compromise which ultimately become an Order of Court in a non-acrimonious setting which is most helpful in trying to create and sustain cordial relations between the parties. This ensures the ultimate objective of collective parenting and family harmony going forward.

Please get in touch to discuss your Family Law queries. 

Nicholas Walsh: [email protected]