Enterprise Ireland has launched a Brexit SME scorecard which is an excellent tool for businesses throughout the South East who are facing Brexit with a sense of trepidation.  Many analysts are predicting that the likelihood of a hard Brexit has diminished significantly as a result of the recent surprise election outcome in the UK. However, with such volatility on the electoral front and with so many negotiations still to play out, it is impossible to say with certainty what the outcome will be.

Therefore, businesses in the South East should prepare for a hard Brexit.  However, if a soft Brexit materialises, consider it as a welcome bonus.

The Brexit scorecard consists of a questionnaire which can be accessed at  www.prepareforbrexit.ie. After completing the questionnaire, the scorecard will generate a tailored report which suggests actions and resources available, along with events that you should be attending.

How prepared are you?

The scorecard will assess your preparedness in regards innovation, sales and marketing, strategy, operations and people management.  Furnished with this valuable information the scorecard output should provide businesses in the South East with an excellent base as they prepare for Brexit.