Waterford witnessed a 2.3% growth in population when compared to the 2011 census. This equate to 2,606 extra persons and brings the total population of Waterford to 116,401.The population of Waterford city, according to the 2016 census stands at 48,369, which represents a population increase of 3.5%. The remaining population increase in regards Waterford county is a mere 1.4%.

How does this 2.3% growth compare to Kilkenny?

Although a smaller overall county population (99,118) Kilkenny’s population grew by a 3.9% when compared to the 2011 census. These are now 3,699 more people living in Kilkenny that in 2011.

How does Tipperary fare?

North Tipperary had a population increase of 1.5% bring the population to 71,370. In South Tipperary, the increase was more modest at 0.7% bringing the population of South Tipperary to 89,071

The census provides a fantastic insight into population changes in the southeast. It is interesting to note that nationally that the five cites of Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, and Galway have all grown faster than their surrounding counties.

The 3.5% growth is a very strong performance by Waterford city, indicating a buoyant, growing city, which has become a popular destination for investors and individuals wishing to enhance their career opportunities.