One of the most important New Year’s resolutions for many of us is to make a will.  The advantages of making a will are many, with the main ones being as follows:

  1. Provide financial stability for your family and loved ones
  2. Avoid destructive family disputes in regards inheritance. This is a legacy that nobody would want to leave behind.
  3. Specify your funeral arrangements
  4. Minimise the inheritance tax liability for your family
  5. Select and executor for your will. You have control over who you wish to ensure that your wishes, are specified in your will are enforced.
  6. Avoid intestacy. If you fail to make a will, you lose control over how your estate will be distributed. Instead the Law of Intestacy takes over and your estate will be distributed in line with strict intestacy rules.  This could be contrary to your wishes but cannot be effectively challenged unless you have formulated a written and signed will.

So today, take the first step in making a very important New Year resolution come to fruition by calling your local friendly solicitor.

Call HD Keane today on 051 874856 and our friendly legal experts can arrange an appointment for you, to take you through step by step, how to formulate your will.