Below are 3 good ways a good corporate solicitor can facilitate your business growth.


In order to protect your business as it grows you will need a good solicitor to help form contracts for customers, clients and suppliers. A good contract will help future-proof your business and help ensure that you get paid on time and receive the full amount for your products and services. With a carefully crafted contract there is little ambiguity should  a dispute arise between you and your customers, clients or partners. In many circumstances a contract will protect your interests. However if you are in breach of your own contract, that is totally different matter.

A carefully crafted contract will provide you with peace of mind and allow you the space to focus on your number one priority; growing your business.

2.Getting started on a solid footing

If you are setting up a new company one of your biggest decisions is to decide how this new entity should be incorporated. The options are numerous. A good corporate solicitor that limited liability company may be the best solution for you depending on your circumstances. Other options include setting yourself up as a sole trader or forming a partnership with another venture. In regards company formation you can choose from a long list of options which include company limited by share, a designate activity company, public limited companies, single member company, owner management companies and readymade companies. The options are too numerous and varied to include in one single article. However, a good corporate solicitor will not only advise you which entity will best protect you in terms of potential future liability but a formation that will facilitate your accelerate growth plans.

3.Real Estate

Whether you are renting, leasing or have purchased a premises to run your business you will require the services of a good corporate solicitor in order to help future-proof your growth plans.

If you are renting, leasing or have a mortgage arrangement with a financial institution you do not want any unexpected surprises that require you hastily to vacate a property. This may materialise if you didn’t read or fully understand the small print on a particular contract. A good corporate solicitor should spot this risk and require that the contract/agreement be revised in order to protect your future interests.

Knowing that you have good security of tenure will allow you to focus on what really matters; growing your business without any potential property shocks which could jeopardise all your good work.

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