Making a Personal Injury Claim In Ireland

In Ireland, with the assistance of an experienced personal injury solicitor, the process of making a personal injury claim is normally quite straightforward. A good personal injury solicitor will ensure that you will receive the maximum possible compensation for the injury you have suffered. The assistance of an experience qualified solicitor is critical as you will, in most circumstances, be in state of emotional turmoil as result of the injury you have suffered, through no fault of your own. This state of emotional involvement can be extremely detrimental when negotiating the maximum possible compensation for your injury. This is where the services of a good personal injury solicitor is invaluable.

So what is the process involved?

In the majority of cases your solicitor will submit a claim for personal injury compensation to the Injuries Board Ireland. A doctor’s report must accompany your personal injury compensation claim. Medical receipts must also be included with your submission. If a garda report is available it is good practice to include this also. Your solicitor will advise you in regards any other material which is deemed as relevant. Then your solicitor will submit this material on your behalf.

The Injuries Board will then contact you directly, as you are the claimant, in order to get permission from you to assess your claim on your behalf.

What happens then?

Once you give consent you will normally be required to go for an independent medical assessment. Damages are then calculated using the “Book of Quantum”, a famous publication in legal circles which attributes a monetary value guide to different types of injuries. An assessment is then sent to you, the injured party and it is also sent to the “negligent party”.

Litigation may follow after this stage if both parties are not in agreement to who is at fault or cannot agree in regards the proposed compensation. A good solicitor will advise you as to the best course of action in this regard. In Ireland the other party involved in the case is typically an Insurance company. Their objective is normally to minimise costs in regards compensation and legal costs whereas your objective should be to get the maximum possible compensation for the injuries you have suffered, not to mention the loss of earnings already incurred and the lost of potential earnings in the future as a result of your injury. Again please consult with your personal injury solicitor in this regard.

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