Some of the traits of a good corporate solicitor are as follows:

They fully understand a client’s business objectives and assess acceptable legal risks in order to reach these objectives. A dichotomy often exists between entrepreneurs and solicitors. Entrepreneurs by their nature traditionally thrive on risk whilst your traditional solicitor is much more conservative when it comes to risk taking and are generally considered risk averse in nature. A good corporate solicitor will get this delicate balance right whilst clearly stating and advising the client as to what they consider an acceptable legal risk on order that a client meets their business objectives.

A good corporate lawyer won’t obstruct transactions in the interest of raking in more fees. Instead they will always act with the clients best interests in mind, including a client’s budgetary interests.

They will seek to maximise the Return On Investment (ROI) for the client. A good corporate solicitor will ensure that they add value and give a good Return On Investment in regards clients achieving their business objectives. A good corporate solicitor will let a client know at an early stage if it’s obvious that they can add little or no value to the client in what they hope to achieve commercially. Hence, honesty and being forthright are obvious traits of a good corporate litigator/solicitor.

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