Solicitors who specialise in the field of corporate litigation are known as corporate litigators. Their job is to not only to represent business and corporations who are involved in or could potentially be involved in potential lawsuits but also to provide expert legal advice to corporate clients on a continuous basis.

So why use a corporate litigator?
Save time
A good corporate litigator will provide you with expert advice in a timely manner which means that your company does not need to expend a considerable amount of time trying to become legal experts in this field.
Save Money
A good corporate litigator is worth their weight in gold when it comes to representing your company’s case in court, especially in regards court settlements when defending clients. Following the wrong course of action in regards lawsuits without first seeking expert legal advice could transpire to be a very costly exercise.
Reduce Stress
Whether the corporate dispute involves breech of contract, breech of warranty, shareholder disputes, merger or acquisition disputes, a good corporate litigator will provide you with expert advice on each step of your company’s legal journey. Knowing your case is in safe hands helps reduce stress in what sometimes can become a mire of complexity.

Corporate Litigation is a specialised field of law which requires a specific skill set. At HD Keane solicitors we have over 50 years experience in this field. If you are worried about a pending court case or need to seek expert advice call us today on 051 874856.

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