Psychological injury in its simplest form is a mental harm caused by an action or failure of a particular entity or individual. A psychological injury impedes on an individual’s ability to function.

Major psychological injuries include the phenomenon known as post traumatic stress disorder. A car crash can cause post traumatic stress, which can become chronic. Some of the most common features of post traumatic stress after a vehicle collision are disabling memories and severe anxiety caused by this traumatic incident. Other symptoms of post traumatic stress include; depression, apathy, and loss of ability to feel emotions, hopelessness and general irritability.

In addition to the above, a car crash survivor may experience fear and avoidance (often avoiding the scene of the accident, avoiding driving or travelling in cars, in general). They may also suffer sleeplessness, a lack in concentration and hypersensitivity. All the above are symptoms of a psychological injury or in severe cases which may include displaying multiple symptoms; post traumatic stress.

If you display any of the symptoms above due to an action or failure of a particular entity or individual you should contact your local solicitor.

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