It was a sense of great pride to see Waterford hurling persevere and give a master class in hurling in the National League final. In the legal profession both clients and practitioners are often faced which first seem like insurmountable obstacles, in long drawn out cases. So what lessons can we take from our Waterford hurlers?

Lesson 1: Take a long term view
Waterford’s success did not come overnight but was the cumulative result of the hard work of development squads over the past number of years. Many cases can drag on for longer than originally anticipated, often due to congestion in the courts. Therefore, it is important to show patience and be fully prepared for the long haul.

Lesson 2: Perseverance is Key
After 8 years without a national trophy, having played poorly in division 1b last year, most hurling pundits gave Waterford little chance against the might of Cork hurling. However, the hurlers of Wateford thought differently and persevered to accomplish a comprehensive 10 point victory.

Lesson 3: Focus on the End Goal
Waterford were totally focused in the preparation for this final, which turned out to be a watershed in Waterford’s hurling history, which resulted in Waterford being the first team in a quarter of a century to lift the Dr. Croke cup from a starting position of division 1B. Focussing and visualising end goal is critical to success in any walk of life.

Lesson 4: Belief
The hurlers of Waterford not only believed in the system but have a firm belief in their own individual skill sets and the combined effect of these skill sets in a team environment. Despite being considered the most unlucky team in Munster hurling, this did not affect the current crop of Waterford hurlers, who displayed a psychological strength and belief which should sound a loud warning shot to the current All-Ireland champions, Kilkenny.

Lesson 5: The collective is stronger than the individual
In the past Waterford boasted phenomenal individual hurlers such as John Mullane and Dan Shanahan, who wore their heart on their sleeves for Waterford throughout their hurling careers. With the arrival of inspirational manager Derek McGrath, the focus is now on the collective and sticking to a sophisticated system, rather than solely relying on individual talents, which Waterford has in abundance at the moment. The collective also extends to ourselves, the supporters. In this regard it is heartening to see Club Déise going from strength to strength, as the unwavering support of Waterford hurling fans is critical to the teams continued success.

There are a lot of lessons we can learn, from the recent success of Waterford hurling and we await with baited breath for the next encounter against Cork in the Munster Championship on the 7th June. Best of luck Waterford from the team at HD Keane.

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