If you own or lease a property in Ireland, you have a duty of care to people who visit your property. If a person suffers an accident on your property through the dangerous or defective condition of your premises, the visitor could be liable for compensation, if it is proven that this duty of care was breached.

This type of compensation represents a huge cost to Irish business and HD Keane Solicitors have many years of specialist experience in representing companies who have received a claim from a visitor claiming breach of duty of care and seeking compensation as a result.

As part of HD Keane occupier liability service we start by helping to ascertain whether the event actually occurred and whether the event which caused the claim occurred as per the claimant’s description.
If proven that the event actually occurred, HD Keane Solicitors will investigate if a duty of care was actually breached and who is actually liable for the potential claim.

The Occupier Liability Act of 1995 states that “the common duty of care” means that a duty to take such care as is reasonable in all circumstances…. to ensure that a visitor to a premises does not suffer loss or damage by reason of any danger existing therein. The key phrase in this section is “as is reasonable” and HD Keane will review your case to ascertain whether all “reasonable” steps were taken to ensure no loss or damage to visitors, and whether or not a breach in the duty of care actually occurred.

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