Unfortunately, many Irish people are injured every day through no fault of their own and this may entitle them to personal injury compensation.

The most common types of accidents in Ireland are motorbike accidents, motor vehicle accidents, public liability accidents and medical negligence.

Over 80% of personal injury cases are settled out of court in Ireland. In 2012, the personal injuries Board made 10,136 awards which amounted to a total of €217.94m in compensation “payable to an individual in respect of a personal injury claim where liability is not disputed” (source: Injuries Board.ie)

This is the largest amount to be paid out since 2006 and represents a significant increase, when compared to 2011, where the total number of awards was 9,833 and the value of awards amounted to €209.83m.

75% of awards in 2012 were in the category of motor vehicle accidents. 17% of awards related to public liability accidents. The largest average award by category was the motor vehicle category, where awards in 2012 averaged €27,286. In regards public liability awards, the average award was just over €22,000. The highest amount awarded by the injuries board in 2012 was €697,495.

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