The death of a loved one or family member causes huge pain and suffering. Many people will not know what to do with the many legal and tax queries which arise in relation to passing on property, accessing bank accounts, etc.

At HD Keane Solicitors LLP we can provide the answers in a helpful, easy to understand and sympathetic way. Let us help you to carry the load and help you through a difficult time.

What do we do?
When somebody dies it is often necessary to take out what is called a Grant of Probate or a Grant of Administration. A Grant of Probate or Grant of Administration is a legal document which allows a person’s Executors or Administrators to deal with their assets. An Executor or Administrator is the person who is legally entitled to deal with somebody’s assets after they die and ensure that they go to whoever is entitled to take these assets under the deceased person’s will or according to the law.

We will explain to you what needs to be done and help you by giving you all the options and choices that are available to you to help you decide what to do next.

How much will it cost?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to give any easy estimate as to the cost without knowing what the deceased person owned by way of property and possessions. However, we will give you a firm fixed quotation as soon as possible, which we will stick to.

How long does it take?
This will depend on the type of work involved to take out the Grant of Administration. A timescale is given to the client at the earliest opportunity.

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