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Types of Personal Injury Claims

The most common types of Personal Injury compensation claims that HD Keane Solicitors specialise in are:

• General Workplace Accidents

• Car accidents

• Motorbike Accidents

• Slip or Trip Accidents

• Medical Negligence

• Defective Products/Dangerous Products

If you are unlucky enough to suffer a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, please contact us today on our Personal Injury Hotline number (051) 874856. You may be entitled to compensation for both your injury and out of pocket expenses such as medical treatment expenses and loss of income.

HD Keane’s Personal Injury Specialists have over 50 years combined experience investigating personal injury claims and providing representation for thousands of personal injury victims, and successfully proving fault/negligence on their behalf.

To arrange a free half hour consultation call us to today on (051) 874856 or email [email protected]