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Making a Personal Injury Claim


Many laws cover personal injury claims in Ireland. The key point of any personal injuries claim is to prove that somebody else was to blame for an injury or that somebody has not taken reasonable care to prevent the incident which caused the injury.

If you are the victim of personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence you may be eligible for compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured as well as any expenses (e.g. loss of earnings). HD Keane Solicitors has many years of experience of securing maximum compensation for victims of personal injury.  HD Keane Solicitors will guide you through each stage of the claims process.

We advise that as soon as possible after the incident occurs you contact our experts at HD Keane Solicitors will commence collecting evidence on your behalf.  HD Keane Solicitors has an extensive network of assessors who will produce professional reports covering important topics such as the extent of injuries you have suffered and consequent loss of earnings.

Our objective is to ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your claim. Why not call us today on (051) 874856 for a free half hour consultation.

What make us different?

HD Keane  will provide you with excellent representation and advice in regards to every step of the personal injury claims process.  We speak your language. We endeavour to explain complicated legal terminology in a simple, easy to follow fashion.

We have extensive experience of assisting victims of personal injury with injury claims, whether arising from road traffic accidents, accident at work, slip and fall injuries, etc.