HD Keane Solicitors LLP have expertise in assisting first time buyers in the purchase of their new home. We provide a transparent, organised and efficient service to assist first time buyers with their first legal transaction. We have set our below the key steps when purchasing your home:

(i) Financial advice from your Bank or Broker
(ii) Consultation with your solicitor to discuss the purchase process and how it works, understanding your title and legal advice.
(iii) Structural Survey.
(iv) Help to Buy Grant.
(v) Loan approval.
(vi) Insurance.
(vii) Life Cover.
(viii) Mortgage Protection.
(ix) Planning/Planning Search

Please be assured that our team of expert solicitors are here to advise you on all of the important steps in the purchase of new your home. Please contact us on:

Nicholas Walsh:                    [email protected]

John Breen:                           [email protected]

Nicola Walsh:                        [email protected]