AIB has launched a free Brexit Ready Checklist which we recommend businesses in the Southeast should fully utilise in order to assess their Brexit vulnerability.

Firstly, it looks at the exposure of firms who directly trade with the UK and Northern Ireland.

It also looks at your customers and suppliers and whether they sell into or purchase directly from the UK and Northern Ireland. This question would probably affect most businesses in the Southeast based on the wide array of clients and suppliers that feed into companies in the Southeast.

The Brexit checklist also asks questions about your sterling exposure and potential supply chain exposure.

Very importantly, it asks about employee exposure to Brexit, whether you have UK Citizens working for you who do not have an Irish passport and whether you have Irish or EU national, who do have UK Passports working for a branch of your company in the UK.

This automated scorecard gives you an overall score and breaks the score into the following subheadings:

  • Direct Trade
  • Indirect Trade
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Supply Change
  • People


To access AIB’s Free Brexit Ready Check, please click on the link below,